Friday, February 4, 2011

free food samples

Purina Cat FoodGet a free sample of Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food. I am sure that if you have a cat, you know the Purina brand. They are running a promotion where you can get a free can of dry food.
CheeriosGet free sample of cheerios multi-grain cereal. The link will take you to the Cheerios facebook page, where you need to like the page in order to access the coupon. The coupon is available to you through
All-branGet a Honey Nut All-Bran cereal Bar Sample Plus a 50¢ Coupon.
Baskin RobbinsWho's not interested by free ice cream? Well, if you are born in February maybe not. Sign up with Baskin Robbins and you’ll get a FREE ice cream on your birthday. How it works: you will receive an email five days before your birthday from Baskin Robbins reminding you to pick up your ice cream.
MalcomsCheck this site out for what seems to be yummy hot chocolate samples. I sent a request for free samples. Didn't receive them by it usually takes a lot of time before getting them.
Soy Peanut ButterThis is a great sample! It's Peanut Butter made of Soy. You have to pay $1.87 to receive a very small sample (14g). I am not a fan of having to pay to receive samples, but I think it was a nice gesture to break down the 1.87 on their website. If your kids love peanut butter or if you do to, it could be interesting for you to try this out and opt for the healthy stuff!
YourMagicSpiceSpices for BBQ. You can either receive a free 1 oz sample, or if you would like 2 oz in a shacker, you have to pay $2.99. Your choice. I personally opted for the free sample of 1 oz just to try it out since my BBQ spices are pretty much home made. If you would like me to share with you my recipe, ask me on the facebook page!
Pet 'n' shapeThis is a great sample; but you have to pay $0.99 to receive it. It's a dog treat, 100% natural.
Whites PremiumThis is a sample coming from England. Yes, you read well, from england. Nothing is too nice for your doggy. Check it out, and see if you beloved pet likes imported food!

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