Friday, February 4, 2011

Free baby Items

Free pampers Cruisers diapers with Dry Max. Pampers claims that these are the driest diapers ever and that they are 20% thinner than all the other. Pampers is so sure you will like them that they are giving you 3 free diapers as a sample.

This baby food manufacturer has a “No Junk Promise™”. This promise is made to all moms. They say that they are taking out what mom’s don’t want in their baby's food. They are offering on their website a free `solid advice booklet` I didn't receive it yet, so i can't tell if this is indeed solid advice or common knowledge. I will keep you posted as soon as I receive it! In the meanwhile, if you want to receive it as well, click the link.

Nursery Water
I think this is a very cool freebie. You know that when you are a mom, your hands are always full. Imagine if you had 3 hands! This free samples is great for carrying diapers, wipes, clothes... they say on the website that it can hold groceries, but personally, i wouldn't get out of the house wearing that. Come on! we are moms, but women as well. Even if the free sample counter says 0, worry not. it will restart daily at noon.
The canadian Mother Ressources (CMR) is saying that by suscribing, for free of course, you get samples and coupons from Huggies, Similac, access to tool including birth planing, breastfeeding log... My newborn is already 12 so I don't need these samples personally and didn't suscribe. I think it can't heart; especially if its free...

Similac is giving a great free sample of formula in addition to a package of $80 (according to what they say, but i believe it's a $10 max free package). Here is what's included in this free sample:
- Baby formula as mentioned
- Caring and nutrition guide for your baby
- Coupons for future similac purchases.
I think this is a great sample if you use the similac formula. Coupons can't heart if you are buying Similac anyways

This is not for babies but more for kids. I really like the slogan that they are using: protection made private. This sample comes in 2 sizes: between 17 and 29 Kg, and between 26 and 29 kg. On their bedwetting 101 page, you can find great ressources as far as bedwetting is concerning. Basically, you find advices, causes... could be very usefull!

Pampers village is giving away a potty training package, including training pants + stickers and discount vouchers. I remember that potty training was not something easy. The Easy Ups trainers didn't exist at that time. This samples includes:
- 1 easy ups trainer
- coupons
- stickers and coloring pages
- tips for potty training
- progress chart for potty training
all these free ressources can be helpfull for you and your baby to pass this step; and since it's free: no harm.
Safe Kid
Safety is not a joke. Safe Kid is giving a free safety pack. This pack includes:
- 32 page Child Safety Manual
- Stickers. They say on the website that these stickers prevent accidents. I don't see how a sticker can prevent an accident by I am for free stickers.

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