Friday, February 4, 2011

are you looking for free stuff?

We like free samples and love sharing freebies.

Our mission is to be a hub for all free things in Canada. We love trying new products for free and we noticed that we are not the only ones; so we decided to share our passion.

Our site is made by Canadians, for Canadians. We started as a simple page regrouping all the available beauty samplesapproximately 1 year ago. Since then, we added all the other categories that you see below.

We built a real community that you can join on our facebook page. This community is very active. You can participate by enjoying the samples that we bring you , submitting a sample, or reporting a broken link through the facebook page or through the contact page.
Free beauty samples in Canada

Free beauty Samples

Beauty products are sometimes very expensive. thrives to find all the free makeup samples, free perfume sample and much more free beauty samples.
Free food and drinks samples

Food and drink Free Samples team gives to its community in this category great free food samples as well as free drinks samples.
Free health and vitamins samples

Free Health samples is your number 1 source for free canadian health product samples, free medicine samples, toothpaste, supplement freebies, vitamins, condoms, mouthwash and more.
Free Samples for Baby

Free Baby Samples

Get in this category free canadian baby samples, baby formula freebies, creams, Child Safety Kit and more free stuff for your baby.
Free samples Posters and Stickers

Free samples Posters and Stickers

Free Posters and stickers samples. A great free gift for your children!
Free Tee-shirts, Tatoos, Flyers, Key chain, Perfume

Other free samples in Canada

Interested in Free Tee-shirts , Tatoos, Flyers and Key chains?
This categroy is about all the freebies and free stuff you can get off the internet.
Coupons in Canada

Coupons in Canada

Check out all the free coupons available in Canada for great savings in your everyday shopping!
Free samples books and DVD

Free Samples books and DVD

Get free books, CDs, DVDs and Free Softwares for you and your family.

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